“My semester abroad in Northern Ireland was more than just a 3-month break from King’s College. I met people from all across Europe, Asia, and even various parts of the US.  Belfast transformed me. It invited me to become one with a culture and to know what it means to be Irish—to learn the histories, the lifestyles, and the traits of the people. Looking back, it was easily the best decision I made in my life.”

– Brandon McNulty, IAS 2010

Alumni Experience

My name is Kelly Gorny, and I am an early childhood education major at the University of the Ozarks, from Clarksville, Arkansas, USA. I studied in Belfast, Northern Ireland at Stranmillis University College of Queens University of Belfast for the Spring term of 2013.

The biggest academic differences I saw as an education major was the wealth of teaching experience I gained in a local integrated primary school in Northern Ireland! I taught two lessons every day to 31 children for six weeks in a Primary 3 class, and it was an enriching and valuable experience that will forever impact me as a future educator!

I also gained many personal life changing experiences! I made amazing friends from all around the world! I became friends with many local Northern Irish students as well as many other internationals studying at Stranmillis! I got to experience time with families and in homes in the Northern Ireland culture, where I could always expect hospitality and multiple offers of a wee cuppa tea! I also got to learn about the very traumatic and interesting history and how it has affected many families and the entire culture in Northern Ireland. I grew immensely in my faith through attending local churches, getting involved with Christian organizations on my college campus, and gaining relationships with Christians in the area! Lastly, due to Stranmillis’s Easter Break, I had the incredible opportunity to travel throughout Ireland and the United Kingdom for three weeks with other international students!

Click the link below to access the blog I kept while in Northern Ireland:

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