Irish American Scholars

As a means of thanking our U.S. colleges and universities for hosting Study USA students, some Northern Ireland institutions offer a limited number of study places on the Irish American Scholars Program each year. This program enables a limited number of U.S. students from Study USA-supporting schools to spend one or two semesters at a university or college in Northern Ireland, tuition free.

Each fall, the representatives for U.S. Catholic, Presbyterian and United Methodist colleges & universities write to Study USA participating schools, inviting up to three applications from sophomore or junior students who have a GPA of 3.2 or above. These students will be considered for a placement at a Northern Ireland institution.


  • Institutions that have agreed to host a Study USA student during the current academic year may submit student applications for the Irish American Scholars program even if there is no Study USA student currently on campus.
  • Students may not attend a school in Northern Ireland for their final semester of study. In order to obtain a Visa, students must show that they are required to return to the United States to complete their education. This means, for instance, that traditional juniors may apply only for the fall semester.
  • Additionally, due to the 3 year curriculum system in Northern Ireland and the higher entry requirements for all of the United Kingdom, U.S. students who are currently freshmen will not be accepted as Irish American Scholars applicants.
  • Accepted U.S. students may opt for courses in any subject area available, for which tuition fees will be waived. Please note that U.S. students must cover their own living and other costs while in Northern Ireland.

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