Participating Schools

Queens University Belfast is one of the 20 top research-intensive institutions in the United Kingdom. While the university does not offer courses in all disciplines, most U.S. students will find appropriate subjects at Queens University.

Ulster University has a national and international reputation for excellence. With four distinct campuses across Northern Ireland, students are placed at a specific campus based on their field of study.

St. Mary’s University College specializes in liberal arts and teacher training, and is integrated into the larger Queen’s University system. In 2011, St. Mary’s was ranked third among all universities in the United Kingdom for student satisfaction with their overall university experience.

Stranmillis University College is highly recognized for its teacher training curriculum, but also offers courses in early childhood and health and leisure studies. Stranmillis is a college within the system of Queen’s University Belfast.

Belfast Metropolitan College specializes in educating students with strong career goals in vocational areas such as business, marketing, computing, communication and Irish studies.

The programs and faculty at these institutions are of high quality and U.S. students can expect a fulfilling year in Northern Ireland through placement at any of these schools.

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