Current sophomore and junior students at U.S. colleges that participate in Study USA.

[Note: If your school has agreed to host a Study USA student during the current academic year, you may apply as an Irish American Scholars even there is not  a Study USA student currently at your campus.]

Students may not attend a school in Northern Ireland for their final semester of study. In order to obtain a visa, students must return to the U.S. to complete their education. This means that juniors may only apply for the fall semester. Because they usually have not completed sufficient course work in their major field of study, students who are currently freshmen will not be accepted as Irish American Scholars.

A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.2 on a 4.0 scale is required. No Exceptions!


Schools in Northern Ireland limit the number of students they will accept as Irish American Scholars. Acceptance is generally determined by space availability and by a student’s GPA.

Students apply for one semester of study at a Northern Ireland institution.  If interested, students may request a full academic year, however, extended placements are very limited.  Also note that there are generally fewer opportunities to place students for the spring semester.