Living at St. Marys

St. Mary’s University College facilitates housing for its Irish American Scholars.

International Students at St Mary’s are usually accommodated within the Student Villages in Belfast – Dalriada Student Village, Queen’s Elms and Stanmillis Student Halls. There are also a number of student residences around the city which are ideal for international student placements – The Roost, Lviv Housing and BT1. These residences are located in Belfast City Centre. Each facility can be contacted directly to discuss options.

Students can also avail of the private sector housing market with local landlords renting properties on a short to medium term lease. Students usually will pay one month’s rent as a refundable deposit along with the first month’s rent payment. The deposit is returned at the end of the lease period (not less than 3 months).

St. Mary’s will help students in attaining accommodation and give direction on the most suitable arrangements. The University provides information on accommodation options here.

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