Living at Queens

Irish American Scholars who have the opportunity to study at Queen’s are guaranteed a room in University accommodation provided they apply by the published deadlines.  Residences are located within easy walking distance of the University.

Elms BT9 and Queen’s Houses are located in a pleasant residential area in south Belfast.  Elms BT1 and Elms BT2 are located in Belfast city centre.

All rooms are self-catered, which means that students share kitchen facilities and make their own meals.  Rooms are either ensuite (with a private shower room) or standard (with shared bathroom facilities).  All rooms are single study bedrooms.  Some accommodation blocks are for male students only, some are for female students and others are mixed.

The staff at the Student Centre at One Elmwood are there to help you have the best possible experience in Belfast.  They can provide you with information before you arrive or upon your arrival in the UK/Belfast… you can email them or you can visit the Student Centre at One Elmwood.

At the start of each semester Queen’s University holds a welcome program for new international students.  The program includes lots of useful and interesting sessions and exciting activities to help you make new friends and get settled into life at Queen’s.


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