Why Northern Ireland

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In honor of Ireland being named the best country in the world by the new Good Countries Index, here is a list of why Northern Ireland & the Republic are indeed the best.

1. You can live in an actual castle for less than the cost of a San Francisco apartment.

IMG_1555 Dunluce Castle, Northern Ireland

2. There are rainbows everywhere. All the time.

IMG_1243 Antrim Coast, Northern Ireland

IMG_1315 Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

3. A complex history made up of all the struggles and beauty in this thing we call life. Also, vikings.

Brian_boru_scaled Irish Hero and my Great-Great-Great Something, Brian Boru

Family_evicted_by_their_landlord_during_the_Irish_potato_famine Family evicted during the 1879 Land War

4. They really know how to celebrate the Christmas Season. It’s basically like being in Love Actually.

Belfast, Northern Ireland Belfast, Northern Ireland

Galway, Ireland Galway, Ireland

Christmas Lunch at School Christmas Lunch at School

5. Butler’s Chocolate. Worth a trip to the Republic just for their hot chocolate.

Butlers Chocolate, Ireland Butlers Chocolate, Ireland

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