Studying in Northern Ireland

• Class structure is very different from the U.S. and may
take a while to get used to. Classes tend to be larger and
more formal with as many as 300 people in a lecture.
Professors may seem less easily accessible than the ones
back home, but they do have office hours and you will
have seminars based on your lectures, usually every week.
The seminars are much smaller, usually with fewer than
25 students.
• Generally you will not be assessed continually as you are in the U.S. A typical class may, for example
have a final exam worth 70 percent of your grade and a paper accounting for the other 30 percent.
• You will take three modules (classes) instead of five. However, this does not mean there will be less
work. Usually each class is worth five credits.
• If you need help, ASK!

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