Autumn (AKA ‘Fall’) in Belfast

The Fall in Belfast, known by locals as ‘Autumn’ is a great time of year. As the leaves change color and the days get darker, there is plenty of things to immerse yourself in to get the full experience!


Since 2013 Belfast has taken on the German tradition to host its own rendition of Oktoberfest! It is a big event which lasts for the whole month of October… music to many ears. Belfast provides the full experience with music, food and of course German Beer served by the Heidi girls in full costume. You get to experience a taste of Germany without actually travelling the thousands of miles to get there!


You most certainly won’t be bored on Halloween in Belfast, there is so much to do. You can sign yourself up to one of the many ghost tours available; from the Paranormal ghost hunt to the Jail of Horror, all designed to get you spooked and into the festive spirit!

The bonus of living in the UK is the drinking age is 18+. For Halloween most students get their costumes on and head out for a night of fun. Every club and bar in Belfast has a crazy event on, so if you are planning to go out make sure you get your tickets in advance! My personal favorite is The Limelight, which is a very popular one amongst students.

There is also an annual Belfast Halloween Monster Mash and Fireworks display at the end of October! This takes place by the iconic Titanic building and so its a great sight to see!

Friendship Four Tournament

If you are 1) missing the US, 2) a fan of college sports and 3) a fan of Ice Hockey, then you have to attend the annual Friendship Four tournament that Belfast hosts every November! This year it will be hosted on Thanksgiving weekend, so it can give you a real taste of home perhaps when you need it most. The tournament hosts 4 Men’s Ice hockey teams from NCAA division 1 battling against each other to win the Belpot Trophy. The event takes place in the SSE Arena, the home of the Belfast Giants (also a great team to watch at another time). For more information visit:

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