One Month In…

Brilliant insight into studying abroad in Northern Ireland!

The ISA Journal

I have been in Belfast for a month now!! Part of me can’t believe I have already been here for that long, while the other part of me feels as if I have been here forever; I have done so much and yet I still have so much I want to do.

So, school…lectures have continued on and tutorials began. The way most classes work here is you have two hour-long lectures and one hour-long tutorial in a week. So far, lectures have basically been the same as at home- typical professor stands in front of a large lecture hall and gives a lecture sometimes using a PowerPoint presentation. The tutorials however, were new to me, and so far not enjoyable. It is in a much smaller room with about 8-10 students and the professor or another leader, in one of my classes the tutorial leader gives us small discussion…

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