Living at Belfast Metropolitan College

Belfast Metropolitan College does not provide its own accommodation. However students are eligible to apply for accommodation at Queens University Belfast and at Stranmillis halls of residence.

Students can also apply for homestay accommodation or private accommodation.


Homestay is when an International student lives with a local English speaking family in their home between 6 weeks and 1 academic year. Homestay differs from other lodging type arrangements in that it is primarily a cultural exchange and the student is made to feel part of the family for the duration of their stay. Homestay locations can be in various locations within Belfast, but all locations will be close to main bus/train routes to the city centre. Currently homestay families are all Belfast Metropolitan College staff and they will try to allocate you with a family that are best suited to you. With Homestay you can expect the following:

  • All Meals (except weekday lunch) to be provided by your host family and are included in the price.
  • Bed linen and towels to be provided and laundered at regular intervals.
  • Adequate storage and study facilities.
  • Electricity and gas bills are included in the price.
  • Your own front door key for independent access.

Applications are to be sent through the International Office. More information about Homestay and private accommodation can be found here.


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